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Preschool Picassos

Happy New Year from all of us here at the CDC! We hope you all had a blessed Christmas. We are rested and excited to come back to school to a world of art! We will be learning all about different art styles, artists, and of course studying some of our favorite children’s book illustrators. This is such a fun unit, because our goal is to make every student realize they are a true artist just as God made them. We will be exploring paints in our very own Jackson Pollock style studio (this can get messy, but it is such a fun way for creativity to shine), and all our planned projects include different art mediums to get their creative juices flowing. In February, we will have our very own art show with family and friends to show off all we have learned and proudly display our work. On February 14th and 15th we will host parent/teacher conferences with all our families to show them the growth we have seen this year and explore the best options for each student going forward. It’s always fun to get some one-on-one time with the families of the students we get to love each day.

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