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Our Village

“It takes a village to raise a child,” is a common saying.  So, what role do each of us need to play in your child’s life?


  • Play is the work of our children

  • Learn of God’s great love for him/her

  • Utilize their self control

  • Participate

  • Do their best to learn as much as possible

  • Keep friends safe

  • Bring an enthusiasm to learn about new things/subjects

  • Be open to new experiences & making new friends


  • Be supportive of your child

- Help make sure child has what they need each day

- Read newsletters & mark important dates on calendar

- Help child with homework

  • Be a partner with your child’s teacher in the learning and growing process

- Discuss progress/issues with teacher

- Volunteer in the classroom/playground

- Keeps office updated on changes of phone/address or health concerns

  • Be encouraging with any progress

- Provide structure in your child’s life by making sure regular, on time attendance is a priority

- Call school when child will be absent

- Transport or arrange transportation to and from school



  • Communicate:

- Visit each family before school starts in the fall to get to know each child in their comfort zone

- Communicate with parents about what is being learned, children’s progress & address any issues that arise

- Communicate about current activities using newsletters & calendars

  • Provide a nurturing learning environment:

- Keep children safe

- Accepting of each student and their current abilities

- Encouragement

  • Provide meaningful education

- Show each child the love of God through Bible stories and prayer

- Plan engaging lessons

- Prepare materials for classroom, centers, projects & lessons

- Help each child develop skills in fine motor, gross motor, emotional awareness, cognitive ability, memory, engaging with friends & classroom etiquette (sharing, listening, sitting criss-cross, et.)

- Coordinate plans with other teachers


  • Lead, guide and support teachers (Keeps teachers in line!)

  • Makes sure teachers are up to date on certifications

  • Takes care of handling school financials

  • Runs monthly board meetings & staff meetings

  • Assists teachers when necessary

  • Communicate with parents

  • Make sure we are following DFS requirements

  • Maintains files on all preschoolers, ensuring all required paperwork is on file

  • Makes sure preschool is in compliance with all fire & health codes

  • Acts as the liaison between board, parents & teachers


  • Keeps teachers & children covered in prayer

  • Keeps building in working order

  • Participates on preschool board with representation

  • Offers scholarships when need arises

  • Offers support for special projects

  • Provides representative for the preschool board of directors

Meet Our Staff

2023-09-02 20_08_30_edited.jpg

Hi my name is Abby Chaput. This is my first year at Shepherd of the Hills Preschool. A few things about me would be I am a mom to two awesome girls and have been married for 16 years. Kids have been a part of my life since high school, where I was a nanny. I have been an assistant teacher for a  preschool learning center for 16 years. I have also worked in the school district as a resource assistant for 3 years. I have worked with a wide range of children, but preschool is definitely my favorite! I am so excited to learn, guide, and teach these kiddos this year!

Mrs. Abby Chaput

Assistant Teacher, 3s & 4s 

2023-09-02 20_07_06_edited_edited.jpg
Mrs. Kim Bolding


Mrs. Bolding has been in many leadership positions during her work history including as an assistant manager with both Kmart and JoAnn Fabrics. 

At Next Generation Learning Center, she finished her Associates Degree and became the Lead teacher in the Infant/Toddler classroom. She worked with 3 other staff in that room, creating age-appropriate curriculum, having staff meetings with the staff, and mentoring others. When she received her Bachelor’s Degree, she become the Manager of the center. One of the classes that made an impact for her was in Crucial Conversations which helped in issues between employees and teaching this to other staff members.  Creating relationships with parents and children, answering questions and concerns, and building an environment that was successful for everyone is very important to her.

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