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Our Programs


Classes start after Labor Day and end before Memorial Day.  We generally follow the public school calendar so if the public school are off, then we are off as well.  If the public schools have been cancelled due to weather, preschool will also be cancelled.

If your child is in Spot’s class or is a new Grover student not previously enrolled in our program or is a Franklin student,  the child will be visited by his/her teacher in your home prior to the opening of school. This is an informal visit and a time for your child and the teacher to get acquainted.

In all programs, parent/teacher conferences will be arranged in the early spring and any other time the parent or teacher feels it is necessary.

We encourage parents to volunteer to help with the scheduled classroom activities:  reading stories, supervising games or outside play, helping with art projects, etc. This provides an opportunity for parents to see their children at work and play in the center’s environment

Special events for parents and families are held throughout the year. All activities will be announces well in advance. We also encourage and welcome your participation.

Image by Andrew Ebrahim
Image by Rashid Sadykov


  • Fosters peer interaction

  • Encourages listening skills

  • Develops self-help skills through using words, self expression and getting themselves ready to go outside

  • Introduces students to color, number and letter recognition

  • Expands student’s ability to separate from home to school by building self-confidence and making new friends

  • Provides one half hour total of music experience per week

  • Learn to share

  • Learn how to dress self for outside time

  • Be responsible for bringing school bag & back pack with outdoor gear

  • Put away their own items

  • Provides one half-hour of music expereience per week

For students three years old by September 15

(may be flexible on a case by case basis)

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

(doors open at 8:45)

Maximum of 15 students/class

$120/month which includes snacks and supplies

$50 registration fee

$30 material fee



  • Increases student’s self-awareness

  • Develops social skills

  • Encourages interactive play

  • Introduces problem-solving techniques

  • Enhances student’s attention span

  • Strengthens student’s ability to identify color, numbers, letters and shapes

  • Introduction to Spanish

  • Provides one half hour of music experience per week (see 3s & 4s Morning Class section)

  • Introduce kindergarten readiness basics (see Kindergarten Readiness section)

  • Provides one half-hour of music experience per week

For students four years old by December 31

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. 

(doors open at 8:30)

Maximum of 20 students/class

$140/month which includes snacks and supplies

$50 registration fee

$30 materials fee

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Image by Shoeib Abolhassani


  • Promotes language development, through Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

  • Develops interpersonal skills

  • Encourages cooperative learning behaviors

  • Enhances student’s ability to listen

  • Continue to work on kindergarten basics (see Kindergarten Readiness section), through Zoo-phonics

  • Allows for exploration in math, science, music, movement, Spanish and sign language

  • Includes 1/2 hour of music instruction per week

  • Use methods from Conscious Discipline – create a school family

  • Work on handwriting

  • Includes one-hour Suzuki styled violin lesson per week (1/2 hour, twice a week)

For students five years old by December 31

Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

(doors open at 8:15 a.m.)

Maximum of 16 students

$170/month which includes snacks and supplies

(Violin rental not included)

$50 registration fee

$30 materials fee

Image by Kelli Tungay

Kindergarten Readiness

  • Programs and units are created with the whole child in mind to help children grow socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively and creatively.

  • Addition of new toys and units to build upon knowledge and discover new interests.

  • Daily work in reading/writing, math, Spanish, ASL, imaginative play, fine and gross motor skills.

  • Heggerty Phonemic Awareness is used to teach children how to take words apart and put them together through sounds. Having this ability is a basic building block to reading and being ready for school.

  • Through the use of Zoo-phonics, a whole brain approach, is used to help each child gain a strong foundation in beginning literacy skills. Zoo-phonics uses aural, visual and kinesthetic methods to teach each letter, ensuring a deeper understanding of our language and a smooth transition to kindergarten literacy.

  • Make sure each child feels safe, supported, engaged and challenged to create a healthy and exciting love of learning that they can carry on with them to kindergarten and beyond.

  • Teach responsibility and instill confidence that is part of the foundation of a lifelong learner.

  • Basic skills of listening to others, sitting criss cross, how to walk in a line, raising your hand to be called on.


Music Classes

We consider music a foundation to all of life. It enhances vocabulary, adds interest to learning & it provides a different “viewpoint” of whatever subject we might be studying. 

We introduce music fundamentals through:

  • Action/movement songs

  • Rhythm instruments

  • Active listening

Music is coordinated with classroom themes when possible.


PreK Violin

Violin has been a part of our PreK curriculum since 2003. It is our belief that including this unique music program:

  • Impoves fine motor skills

  • Teachers proper handling and care in the use of fragile objects

  • Promotes pitch and rhythmic recognition and imitation

  • Continues language development by symbolic musical representation

  • Develops rudimentary mechanical fundamentals of tone production

  • Fosters the dynamics of working in a group

  • Creates a fun, encouraging and nurturing learning environment for individual expression

Susan Milmont, Casper

"Our family has had two kids at Shepherd of the Hills Child Development Center and we are anticipating our 3-year-old going there next year. We heard about the preschool from other moms around town that absolutely loved it for their children. We have been nothing short of amazed at the love the teachers have for the kids and their development and learning. You can tell the teachers love this preschool age and really try hard to implement best practices. Every teacher shows respect for all the kids. We have loved the mixture of learning and play. One of my favorite aspects is that the 5-year-old class learns to play the violin. I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else."

Gina Storrud, Casper

"I cannot say enough positive things about Shepherd of the Hills Child Developer Center! They have lovingly provided the perfect environment for my 5 year old to gain confidence in reading and writing as well as working with numbers. I have seen amazing growth in her social skills and sense of responsibility.   She absolutely loves Mrs.Rich and the other teachers and staff. Violin and the other specials are so fun as well!"

Tiffany Dickinson, Casper

"My son is attended The Shepherd of the Hills Child Development Center for 2 years. In that time, the amount of growth we saw in him both academically and social and emotionally was just incredible. He absolutely adored his teachers and made some great friends. Most importantly to me, he developed a love for school and a hunger and desire to learn! 


My son has a summer birthday, so we had to decide whether to send him to kindergarten as a fresh 5-year-old or wait another year. It wasn't until I took him to his kindergarten screening with the school district that we solidified our decision. When looking at our paperwork, the screener said, "When we see Shepherd on the Hills listed as the preschool, we know the screening is going to go well!" And of course, she was right.


Our son is now halfway through his first year of kindergarten, and even being one of the youngest in his class, he is thriving! We just got his second quarter grades, and he has reached 3 or 4 (Proficient or Advanced) in all but a couple areas of grading. There is no doubt in my mind that Shepherd of the Hills Child Development Center played a major role in that, and I am confident that choosing them as our preschool has set our son up for a successful schooling career." 

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